Rich Pickler's Tweak    

This was a simple plugin to mimic the tweak mode of Wings 3D. This was done at the begging of King_Mob on the #cgtalk channel. So, this one is for him.

To submit bugs, make comments, or suggestions, use the 'Sourceforge project page' link from the menu.

Linux: (only if you're running RedHat 7.2 or 7.3. 8.0 will NOT work)

uncompress the tweak tar source file
enter the directory it created
run make
copy to your plugins directory (usually /usr/aw/maya/bin/plug-ins/ )
copy the mel files to your scripts directory


Unzip the tweak zip file
Move tweak.mll to your plugins folder
Move both mel files to your scripts directory

In Maya, load the plugin under Windows->Settings->Preferences->Plugin Manager
Use is pretty simple. Select a mesh surface, and the command to enter tweak mode is "setToolTo `tweakContext`" . I reccomend adding that command to your shelf or hotkeys. I didn't add a automatic interface script for it because I knew this is a command that people will work into their own custom workflow.

The tool options are show below.

"Magnet" turns on and off magnet mode. This drags surrounding points of the selected vertex along when you move it.
"Magnet Mode" Selects the type of influence on the surrounding points you want. Try them and you will see what they do.
"Magnet Radius" Sets how far from the selected vertex the magnet will influence. Logo
Semi Stable
Version 0.1